By Watchdog reporter

Uganda’s president Museveni’s influence on the continent keeps growing, being consulted on key issues especially on security by various leaders.

Egypt’s powerful president Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi has made effort to bring Museveni close and consults him on a number of things, especially about the Nile basin dynamics.

Egypt is one of the most powerful African and Arab countries, and its president, a military general, is one of the most powerful leaders in Africa and Middle East.

Now Gen Sisi last weekend, according to our sources, spoke to President Museveni by phone.

Museveni who was heading for the IGAD meeting in Ethiopia to discuss South Sudan security, discussed with Sisi the security and economic situation in the Nile river basin, which has about 10 member countries.

President El-Sisi who visited Uganda in December, banks on Uganda to help it safeguard its interests in the lifeline of the historical country, The River Nile.

The two leaders discussed updates on the Nile Basin summit which will be sitting Kampala soon.

Sources in Egypt say President Museveni shared with President El-Sisi the latest updates regarding his ongoing talks with Nile Basin country leaders.