By Najibu Mulema

A senior army officer, has advised Kampala city lord mayor, Erias Lukwago to desist from politicizing matters of street vendors. This follows recent clashes between him and the minister of Kampala, Betty Kamya over street vendors.

The deputy executive director of Uganda Media Centre, Col.Shaban Bantaliza said Lukwago should instead work with the government in bringing order to the city rather than riding on populism.

“Hon Lukwago is continuing to engage in populism and populist activity which does not return match to the management of the city. Is he in charge of the city hawkers and vendors? He wants to turn the city into a village trading centre, please hon. lord mayor, go and be a town clerk down there but if your a lord mayor of the city get out of politicking, work together with the government and create an orderly city,” said Col. Bantaliza.

“This person says they must stay there, did he bring them to the streets?”he added.

Lukwago had proposed that the government finds an alternative place for vendors before evicting them.

In a meeting chaired by him early thus week at city hall,Lukwago gazetted some streets for vendors to work from until a permanent solution is reached.
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