By our reporter

On Saturday feud erupted between Rwenzori Diocese Bishop, Rt Rev Reuben Kisembo and President Yoweri Museveni when the cleric asked the president to step down peacefully.

Speaking at the commissioning ceremony of the new Kyebambe girls secondary school Chapel in Fort Portal town on Saturday, Bishop Kisembo appealed to President Museveni to hand over power in a peaceful way for the good of the country.

Amidst thunderous applause from the audience, Bishop Kisembo frankly told Museveni that it was too bad that the MPs chose to support the removal the presidential age-limit thus advising the president to disregard the constitutional amendment and retire honorably.

“After the amendment of the constitution on age limit, you should not deny us peaceful transition of power” Bishop Kisembo told Museveni face to face.

In his response, Museveni said religious leaders keep on provoking him but they should know that nobody can lecture him about what to do for Uganda,

“I keep hearing religious people; they provoke us and me in particular because I am somebody who knows what am doing,” fumed Museveni adding ,“You should have a disciplined way of interacting. This causal talk should stop. It is indiscipline of the highest order. I won’t accept to be guided on issues which I know better,”