By Watchdog reporter

President Yoweri Museveni has ‘denied’ having plans of amending article 102 of the 1995 constitution which is aimed at lifting the presidential age limit.

While addressing the press about the Uganda’s Giant Conservation and Tourism Investment Forum today at State House, the president wondered why some people are carrying out numerous debates on the age limit yet no one has brought in a proposal to lift it.

He described the people who discuss about it as those who don’t have what to do  citing that he has heard them talking but for him, he is busy with his work.

“Those debating age limit, what are you debating? Who has brought that proposal? Don’t waste your time with people who don’t have what to do, I have heard them but I am busy with my work,” said Museveni.

Apparently the age limit issue is the talk of town and most NRM members of Parliament have come out in support of lifting the controversial presidential age limit.

On Tuesday, some top NRM leaders launched a countrywide campaign aimed at lifting amending article 102 of the constitution which shall see Museveni continue leading the country beyond 2021.

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