By Watchdog reporter

President Museveni celebrated the day of the older persons in Pader district.

However. Before he went there, he had hosted one of the oldest people in the country, at State House.

Museveni hosted Mzee John Ahuruma, aged 130, and listened to him for a very long time.

Museveni who looked like a youth before the old man, asked about the old man’s secrets to his long life.

Museveni, in his 70s, has genes of living longer, having buried his father Amos Kaguta just recently, and had closed on to a century.

Museveni, whose supporters are asking him to rule for life despite an age limit clause in the Constitution, desires to live longer than his father. His critics however, are not wishing him the same, especially if he succeeds in removing age limits in the Constitution.