By Watchdog reporter

The Ugandan president’s monthly calendar had dictated that Mr Yoweri Museveni was supposed to be in Turkey for a state visit.

Museveni was due to return a visit to his Turkish counterpart President Recep Erdogan who was in Uganda at the beginning of June.

Unfortunately, the coup attempt on his government has changed many of his plans.

As President Erdogan secures his rule, Museveni left Kigali a couple of days ago where he was attending the African Union summit. On his return, Mr Musevnei has taken off time to rest from the busy schedule.

Mr Museveni on Wednesday and Thursday was cited at his farm in Kisozi where he took time to check on his animals. After a day’s relaxation, the president’s convoy was cited leaving for Rwakitura.

So, if you want to find the president, you know where to get him.