President Museveni has met British prime minister Theresa May where they discussed the security of conflict laden South Sudan, and Somalia.

Mr Museveni has met United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May at the sidelines of the International Conference on Somalia currently taking place at Lancaster House in London.

The bilateral meeting between the two leaders focused mainly on the situation in Somalia and the conflict in South Sudan, which has generated close to a million refugees making it the second-largest refugee-hosting country in the world after Turkey.

The international conference on Somalia has opened on Thursday in London and is organized under the auspices of the UK and the United Nations as part of efforts to put Somalia back on track.

The conference has brought together Heads of State and Government from across East Africa and other key partners, along with senior figures from international organisations.

Mr Museveni told the Somalia conference on Thursday that Somalia government needs to harness the private sector to help rebuild the country. The Ugandan leader committed troops as pioneers to AMISOM who helped to clear Mogadishu of the Al Shabab terrorists.

“Businesses have begun to thrive in Somalia…” said at the needs “to resolve to build its national force..”