By Najibu Mulema

In his statement regarding the recent Kasese clashes where according to the current figures, more than 100 people lost their lives following fights between the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Force(UPDF), police and alleged rebels, President Yoweri Museveni blamed security organs for the poor intelligence exhibited thus enabling people with chauvinistic ideas disrupt security in the area.

On Saturday last week, gunshots sparked in Kasese town as UPDF, police tried to disband people Rwenzururu royal guards alleged to be rebels from the Kirumiramutima sect which agitate for Kasese separation from Uganda to form an independent state known as Yira Republic.

“This is a total of 65 Ugandans killed last Saturday by the schemes of some confused or selfish bunch of people. Fortunately, today Uganda has got a capable State that is able to deal decisively and expeditiously with such schemes although, of course, there was a failure of intelligence. How did these people weave such a scheme without being pre-empted? What were the GISOs doing? However, their main effort, which was to enter the camp of 39BN was decisively defeated. In their limited thinking, they thought it was a light matter to attack UPDF,” said Museveni in his official statement.

“On account of those chauvinistic ideas being banded around for so long, it seems some groups hatched this criminal scheme that has caused the death of so many people. Apart from killing 51 of the attackers, we have captured 65 others. We shall get to the truth and will punish those involved. In the meantime, the country should not get anxious about this scheme. It was defeated right on the first day of its execution even before the full potential of the UPDF has been mobilized. This scheme is doomed to total failure. It is amazing how wrong ideas coalesce into wrong actions, ”He added.