By our reporter

Now President Museveni and his rival Kizza Besigye have reduced their fight to who gets more crowds in Rukunguri.

Museveni on Friday made several stop overs in Rukunguri. One of the photographs trending on the internet show the president almost speaking to himself without crowds. Some analysts say the photograph was doctored.

However Kizza Besigye shared the photograph and he didn’t save his Jab  for Museveni who he says no longer has crowds. He said in a post that Rukunguri people shunned Mr Museveni and even locked up their shops.

This is the home town of Besigye and recently someone was shot as Besigye addressed a rally there.

However Museveni’s spokesperson Don Wanyama has another account.

He has shared another round of photos showing his boss with multitudes including Big shots such as Jim Muhwezi, Mondo Kagonyera and bishops shaking the president’s hand with a sea of people before him.

Wanyama wrote on his wall, rather hurriedly, even misspelling his boss’s title:

“Pesident Museveni has said the NRM government will increase its efforts to fight poverty among wanainchi, urging the party’s leadership to work closely with the ordinary Ugandans in this push.

“The President made the remarks today in Rukungiri District where he extended Shs110m to five local Saccos, including those of the boda boda riders and matooke sellers. He also donated a truck to help transport their produce.

“Before addressing the main rally at Nyakagyeme Sub-county, the President made several stop-overs in Rukungiri District, where he advised area residents on poverty eradication.”