By our reporter

President Yoweri Museveni has called for the elimination of the malaria conservation programme since Uganda has the capacity to overcome the disease.

While launching ‘Kick Malaria out of Uganda’ campaign on Thursday, the president said the country has been able to eliminate 13 diseases like Polio, small pox, and others and so it can when it comes to malaria.

He attributed malaria problem to the laziness of the Health Ministry.

“Why then do we have this malaria conservation programme? We can eliminate it. We have been able to eliminate 13 diseases. Polio, small pox, and others. The problem is laziness especially by the Ministry of Health” he said.

“To eliminate malaria, it needs more effort than vaccination. We need to kill the mosquito, how? By using treated bed nets, through residual indoor spraying every six months and outdoor spraying, although there were some controversial issues,” he added.