By Watchdog reporter

President Yoweri Museveni on Thursday shocked the country when he turned up at a very important parliament session fully dressed in military combat uniform.

Museveni, who has assured the country over the years that he is now a civilian, has been donning his military attire on various occasions since 1996 when he retired from the army, but he has been wearing the uniform on other unofficial occasions.

The president is known for his love for the military and wearing his uniform is one of way of expressing it, but, never before has he taken this to an official sitting such as a house of parliament where democracy and who governs is determined by ordinary citizens through a vote, and not guns and bullets.

It is out of order, and many people were offended seeing the president dressed up his full general’s uniform, as if to threaten Members of parliament and heads of various public institutions.

There have been concerns over the army being in parliament, as a special interest group. Parliament as the epitome of democracy, wants representatives of people, and military men, like in other democracies, retire and join politics as civilians.