By our reporter

As Parliamentarians make a joke of consultations to amend age limits in the constitution, President Museveni is instead taking the task seriously.

This website understands the commander in chief has been consulting the army for the past two days.

The President met the high command, according to reliable sources at State House Entebbe on Wednesday. The high command is attended by the military top brass.

On Thursday President Museveni is to meet the army council which also including the administration and command centres of UPDF.

The military is Uganda’s most solid institution and unlike many politicians before him, Mr Museveni consults in view of getting consensus with them. That has kept his regime insulated from mutinies or risky fall out.

Museveni meets the military bosses after he got an endorsement from the ruling party’s top organ the Central Executive Committee (CEC). The President also is expected to meet district chairmen of their parties to ensure that he maintains his grip on the grassroots.

With military and key political poles tide tightly, Museveni will sail through his wish to amend article 102b, the controversial clause which only month ago caused a storm and fistfight in Parliament.

With all said and done, the job remains in the hands of MPs to pass the bill to amend the article which might open Museveni to rule Uganda for life if he so wishes.