By Watchdog reporter

President Yoweri Museveni has applauded the Democratic Party stout member, Mukasa Mbidde for being a good and exemplary member of the opposition.

While giving a speech during the NRM Liberation day in Masindi yesterday, Museveni said Mbidde is one of a good among the opposition members thus calling him a good DP man.

Mbidde is also a Member of Parliament on the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA).

On the same celebrations, Museveni stunned many Ugandans when he uttered out something which for long he had not perceived well.

The president said he is not a ‘servant’ to Ugandans but a ‘freedom fighter’.

“I have heard some people saying that I am your servant. I cannot be your servant because I am a freedom fighter. I live and cherish the ideals of fighting for myself,” he said.

“You cannot sit back and wait for some other people to fight on your behalf. Nobody chose me to serve you because I am a fighter on my own,” Museveni added.