By our reporter  

Uganda’s President, Yoweri Museveni has assured his country that his government has robust capacity to deal with the prevailing wave of insecurity.

He announced that Uganda has never been safer than today, in more than 500 years.

“All criminals, including those hiding in #Congo, will pay for their sins,” he vowed.

The President was on Wednesday afternoon delivering his address to Parliament in Kampala on the State of Security in #Uganda and measures to be adopted in order to wipe out completely the vice.

President #Museveni told the August House that several measures have been identified and include, among others, the order issued to finger-print all fire-arms in the country. He said this will enable the security organs to easily identify the gun used and the perpetrators as well as to account for all illegal held guns.

Other measures are: having electronic number plates of motor vehicles and motor-cycles  (#Bodabodas) with electronic signal in them

“Electronic gadget will be so tuned that it will alert the central system,” he said.

He also disclosed that the Police have already banned the practice of bodabodas zooming on Ugandan roads with hooded jackets pointing out that anybody spotted wearing a hooded jacket will be challenged.

Another immediate intervention is to have all helmets worn by bodaboda riders registered with illuminated numbers both at the front and the back of the helmet. He, at this juncture, encouraged NEC together with NSSF to have the number plates manufactured here in Uganda.

President Museveni reiterated another measure of installing thermo cameras on the streets and highways, have a modern forensic laboratory and the need to capture the DNA.

He also mentioned the speed of response as one of the interventions to fight crime, adding that he has directed the Police to revive the use of the 999 and the Flying Squad.

“We want the Flying Squad that responds promptly and we shall provide them with drones, bodas and light choppers,” he said.

Mr. Museveni also announced that the Defence Council has authorized the use of 30 unmanned vehicles that will be regulated adding that illegal ones will be neutralized. He further pointed out the misuse of the social media and observed that criminals use the platform for threatening violence, spreading lies and causing panic among the population.

“We are going to acquire capacity on top of the one #UCC has to quickly locate such criminals without interfering with other honest users,” he said.

President Museveni said other measures will include acquiring more scanners under URA to get criminals who infiltrate arms into the country and also cheat URA by under-declaring goods. He announced the cardinal strategy of having a small Army with a large number of officers, Non Commissioned Officers (NCOs) and technical groups as well as the Reserve Force.

“I have issued an order through the security sub committee that all guns should be finger printed so that we account for the use of all illegally held guns”, he added.