By Najibu Mulema

A pathologist attached to Mulago hospital, Dr. Sylivester Onzivuwa yesterday told the high court in Kampala that Badru Kateregga, a man alleged to have been beaten by his employer also motor rally driver, Andrew Desh Kananura died as a result of assault.

Onzivuwa testified that on 30th September 2012 upon police request, he examined the body of Kateregga and found that his head suffered extensive injuries to blind force tremor characterized by bruises as well as extensive bleeding into the muscles so which he concluded that the deceased died as a result of severe beating.

Onzivuwa is one of the prosecution witnesses in the murder case against Desh, his brother Raymond Kananura and his two private security guards.

They are alleged to have committted the offense on 29th September, 2012 at Panamera bar in Naguru owned by Desh.

Trial is before Justice Joseph Mulangila and the matter has been adjourned to 30th November for further hearing.