By Moses Kizito Buule
The  workers’ reprsentatives to Mukono district council who were elected earlier this year, were on Thursday sworn in by the Principal Assistant Secretary (PAS) Robert Kizito Mugerwa who represented the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Godfrey Ntulume at the district headquarters.
They include the male workers’ representative Ssensamba Gonza and his female counterpart Mariam Mirembe
Before administering the oaths of Councillors and of allegiance, Kizito Mugerwa advised them to be ready to work under the constitutional mandate that brought them into office, or else turn down the positions before entering office.

The speaker for Mukono district Council Emmanuel Mbonye who was the chief celebrant at the swearing in of the two workers’ representatives.

He said, “There are recipes to be followed this way; You are ceasing to be commoners and beginning to  conduct yourselves in specified manners; You are starting to be a source of pride and knowledge and representatives of the country wherever you will go”.
Kizito Mugerwa advised the two to endeavour to internalize the law to avoid mistakes likely to come their way as a result of ignorance, and to consult with the offices of the Speaker and the CAO whenever they get stuck.

Mariam Mirembe swearing in on Thursday as the female workers representative on Mukono district council.

He also reminded them that they are joining a team where team work is inevitable and where gossip has no room as a means of executing duties.
Mirembe thanked whoever contributed to their election, and vowed to do all within their power to fulfil their voters’ political expectations.

Ssensamba Gonza being sworn in with the assistance of Mukono district Clerk to Council Henry Mayanja (left), and the Speaker Emmanuel Mbonye.

On his part, Ssensamba vowed to work with the main goal of fulfilling the public trust placed into them, and promised to work closely with the media in getting messages down to the people.
Stressing his commitment to work in comradeship with the  media, Ssensamba said, “No leader has effectively passed on development messages without using the media, and for that matter, journalists are going to be my main tool of getting to the people”.