By Moses Kizito Buule
Members of Baganda Nkoba za Mbogo Students’ Association (BANKOSA) for Mukono King’s College on Thursday organized a general cleaning exercise in Kame Valley Market, as a way of alerting vendors’ consciousness of the forthcoming 25th coronation anniversary of Buganda’s king Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II.
The students mopped market alleys and drained Kame channel that drifts through the market, which was choking with silt and garbage.
The headteacher Alex Mukisa told Watchdog Uganda that besides expressing allegiance to the Kabaka, the gesture was also meant to inculcate into the students the spirit of voluntarism and passing on the message of sanitation to the communities.
As an institute imparting knowledge he said, they have no borders when it comes to showing communities the best way to work while earning an income and at the same time keeping diseases at bay.

The students took time off to entertain the vendors to traditional drumming and dance

Besides, Mukisa noted, Mukono King’s College, named after the reigning Buganda monarch, pays a lot of respect totradition and cultural heritage, of the different ethnic set ups in the country, and always joins communities celebrating such festivities.
The head of BANKOSA Ashiraf Kanyike said that they also had in mind the intention of thanking their parents for forgoing many things and provide them with education, and added, “The only way we could express our corporate social responsibility was by helping clean the market”.
The teacher who led the cleaning team John Obadiah echoed the headmaster when he said that they had in mind the intention of showing communities the most acceptable sanitary standards.
“These people deal in foodstuffs, some ready to be eaten straight, and they need someone to educate them to offer their services in an atmosphere not likely to spread disease and in effect frustrate government’s objective of improving primary health care as a beginning step to wealth creation”.