The greed for money led to brutal murder of a man, reportedly a scrap dealer, in Kasenge A, Mbalala Parish Mukono District yesterday at around. The accused murderer has been arrested within hours of the crime.

The deceased identified as Agulupe Nuwagaba 25 was called by the suspect a one Kwizeera Vianney 26 claiming he had a lot of scrap materials to sell worth 600000/- six hundred thousand shillings.

The deceased moved with his colleague to Kavule where the supposedly scrap items were however the suspect claimed the room containing the materials was closed.

The suspect convinced the deceased’s colleague to move to the nearby trading centre and buy airtime which he complied. The suspect then attacked Nuwagaba with an axe cut his neck, pulled and damped him in the nearby maize plantation. When the colleague came back and inquired about the whereabouts of his friend, he was told the deceased had gone to a nearby home to buy more scrap.

However the suspicious colleague decided to follow through the tracks of the suspect and found the friend lying in a pool of blood with a cut on the neck.

The panicky colleague to the deceased immediately rushed and reported to police about the incident upon which a team, rushed to the spot and started investigation.

A team of investigator’s later nabbed the suspect within hours of the crime and recovered the axe used to hack the deceased.

The suspect is currently detained at Mukono Police Station vide SD REF. 10/12/07/2018 and charged of murder C/s 188 and 189 of the Penal Code Act.