By Moses Kizito Buule
A Mukono medical practitioner has warned against unguided self medication, saying it exposes delicate body parts like the liver and the kidney to effects of toxic substances due to wrong oral medical use.
The Director for Mukono International Medical Centre Ismail Kizito disclosed that in addition,  affected patient drain their resources when they are confronted with  double payment on realizing that they took the wrong medicine and have to make fresh purchases.
In the long run he said, many get confined indoors, are unable to work to provide for the family, and the vicious circle of poverty haunts the family.
“To avoid all this and more, always seek medical advice from specialists and avoid making haphazard prescriptions with possible hazardous results”, Kizito advised.

A section of the structures at the school slated to open in August.

He was on Friday conducting journalists around an ultra modern laboratory technicians school located at Kirangira village in Mukono Central Division, slated to open its gates to pioneer learners on 13th August this year.
The school which is to offer two-year certificate training in medical laboratory techniques is affiliated to Mukono International Medical Centre, and is to operate along government policy of putting out products able to become self-employees, adding that countrywide, there is a general scarcity of laboratory technicians.
Kizito said the school is to train laboratory assistants in the areas of general medicine, dental services, gynaecology, paediatrics physiotherapy, surgery and others.
He added that management has identified a German philanthropist to lobby for scholarships for learners from poor families, and that she is permanently stationed at the school.