By Kizito Buule, Mukono
Mr. Leonard Rwigyema has lamented that Mukono district, once known as a model, has lost its glory to intrigue, lack of respect among leaders, and inter-personal battles.
The former Central Region Youth Leader who was on Tuesday talking to journalists at his office on the fate of the district’s development strategy, said that Mukono which used to attract visitors from beyond the country’s borders is today characterized by negative media reports.
“Almost on a daily basis, the media is awash with stories of leaders on one or the other level trading accusations and counter-accusations of swindling public funds, misappropriation of public utilities and other counter-productive stories”, Rwigyema said.
Without mentioning names, he said that many politicians who started off as colleagues even in the ruling National Resistance Movement, are now calling each nasty names, and engaged in public bickering over non issues, which he reasoned, has compromised the district’s development speed.
On the forthcoming local council one and two elections, Rwigyema advised voters to stop looking at one’s political belief and instead target development oriented people who offer promises of salvaging the district from the rot it is languishing in.
Elaborating, he said,”we should stop looking at who subscribes to which political party and instead go for people who promise genuine development because we have seen embarrassing battles among supporters of the NRM, DP, FDC, name it! If they go for each other’s throats even in their own parties, where is our reason for trusting them?”
Asked whether he has plans of getting into politics to help in reversing this trend, the former Mukono District youth council chairman said that many politicians are battling because they have failed to bring to a sensible conclusion skirmishes they either ignited, or found in place on assuming office.
In a nutshell he said, it is not about jumping out and rejoining politics that can foster development, adding that a good productive leader begins manifesting himself soon on assumption of office. He did not elaborate.