By Watchdog reporter

The family of the late Prof. Lawrence Mukiibi has come out to refute claims that the St. Lawrence Schools proprietor sired more than 50 children from different women and that he used to feast on his students sexually.

According to the late’s oldest daughter Maria Justine Tulina and her aunt Regina Namakula, Mukiibi left behind only 24 children and seven wives.

They said all what was said about tye late is wrong; he never slept with his students.

However, they said some of his wives were once his students but he got them after they had finished their studies.

They said its true 53 chidren were brought on board during Mukiibi’s burial ceremony but when the family told the mothers that it had to first take the children in question for DNA tests for approval, many mothers took away their children this limiting the number.

Tulina further noted that they are going to take the remaining children to DNA tests to really prove that all those children belonged to her father.