By Najibu Mulema

Fred Mukasa Mbidde was born in Masaka District on 15 October 1973 as the second born of the late Emmanuel Mbidde, a former headmaster and Ms. Mary Kintu, now a retired teacher. A Muganda by tribe, he was born in a Christian
family of the Ente clan. Two of his siblings are Henry Mbidde and Balaam Mbidde both of whom are lecturers at Makerere University .

Mukasa Mbidde attended Nakyenyi Primary School, a school where his mother taught, for his primary education and Kabwoko High School for his middle school education.

He attended Masuliita Boarding school and Kampala High School for his high school education. He attended Makerere University and law development center(LDC) for his higher education.

He holds a Mass Communication degree (2003) from Makerere University, an LLB(2009) from Makerere University and a post graduate diploma in Legal Practice(Dip.Leg.Pract) (2010) fromLaw Development Centre.

He also had leadership training at The Norwegian School of Leadership and Theology (HLT) in 2005.

He had some military training in the 1990s and played a noteworthy role in the 1994 liberation war of Rwanda when he fought alongside the Rwandan Patriotic Army(RPA) before joining University in 1999.

He has been his own boss over the years and has run businesses that include among others,The Financial Times newspaper (1999–2000), a Forex bureau (1999 to-date), a Radio Station in Rwanda, a law firm Mbidde & Co Advocates (2011 to-date), the Mbidde Foundation headquartered in Nagoya,Japan etc.

He is friends with many Japanese and these have supported his programs for many years through Mbidde Foundation.

In 2014, Mbidde had a legal engagement in Practice in Sub-regional Courts at the Mandela Institute, University of the Witwatersrand.

Mbidde is  human-rights activist, mass communication specialist, motivational speaker,politician and entrepreneur.
Currently he is an elected member of the 3rd East African Legislative Assembly (EALA), representing the Republic of Uganda. He has been in this office since June 2012.