By Najibu Mulema
The Makerere university guild president,Roy Semboga has said students will today petition the minister of Education and Sports,Janet Kataha Museveni over the closure of the university.
He says they want her to explain why the students are not able to study despite paying their tuition.They also want an explanation as to why the president had to order the closure of the university instead of providing a solution through  meeting the lecturers’ grievances.
“We have paid tuition to the university as instructed and we have been in class as required,unfortunately the lecturers have not showed up and we ask the president not to be accountable for some other people’s mistakes.” Semboga said.
“And we are planning to meet the first lady who doubles as the minister of Education and sports and our plea to her is that we should come back to class and let people take responsibilities of their actions individually.”He added.
The university closure came under President Museveni’s directive saying that the closure will guarantee safety of persons and property.