By Najibu Mulema

On Friday, Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) members led by former presidential candidate , Dr Kizza Besigye tried to stage a fundraising campaign to raise funds for the striking Makerere university lecturers so as to open the university which was closed down following laying down of tools by lecturers.

The lecturers who were demanding incentives worth shs 28 billion, decided to carry out an industrial action which prompted the students to strike and this forced President Museveni to order for immediate closure of the university early last month.

Eversince then, Besigye has been advocating for the immediate payment of lecturers so that the university could be opened. He went ahead to give the government an ultimatum of 10 days to open the university which forced request the government profusely refused.

Now Makerere University Academic Staff Association ( MUASA) members under their chairperson,Dr Muhammad Kigundu Musoke,have come to disassociate themselves from any politician who use their cause for his or her own benefits.

According to the press release by MUASA members, ever since president Museveni ordered for the university closure ,a lot of political forces have trivialized their cause and portrayed the members negatively before the public.

Basing on that assertion, the members decided to disassociate themselves from any political activity professed under the support of their cause saying that the issue which led to their sit down strike is well laid before the Makerere University Council.