Mufti of Uganda Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje and his delegation of Muslim leaders were today denied access to Haji Abdallah Kitatta and other detainees at Makindye Military Police Headquarters.

This followed yesterday’s meeting during which His Eminence the Mufti agreed with the Amiir Daula Shk. Sulaiman Kakeeto, the Amiir Ummah Shk. Kasujja and the Amiir SPIDQA Shk. Mubarak Mugerwa to visit prisoners in various prisons and detention facilities, starting with the Military Police Headquarters.

They were however turned away by the military police leadership despite having a written authorisation from the Registrar of the General Court Martial (GCM).

In the authorisation memo, the GCM registrar wrote;

“The Chairman GCM has instructed me to communicate to you that it is prudent you allow H.E Mufti Shk. Shaban Ramathan Mubaje and one other person from his team together with Mr. Emmanuel Turwomwe the advocate, to visit Hajj Kitata Abdallah”.

This was however rejected by the military police leadership.

While addressing journalists at the UMSC headquarters Old Kampala, the Mufti expressed regret for the fact that an instruction of the GCM Chairman Lt. Gen. Gutti was disobeyed by officials at the Military Police Headquarters.

“As the head of the GCM, he has powers like any other court judge to make a ruling which is binding. Just as he ruled that Haji Abdallah should be detained at Makindye, he has the power to decide who sees him” the Mufti said.
Before going to the Military Police Headquarters, the Mufti consulted Lt. Gen. Gutti and he okayed his visit as long as he was accompanied by Haji Kitata’s lawyer.

The Mufti also told journalists that according to the laws of Uganda, all detainees or prisoners are innocent until proven guilty.

“It is therefore unfortunate that we have been denied access” the Mufti noted.

He however said that the planned visits to Luzira, Kigo, Kirinya among others will go on as planned, noting that it is important for Muslim leaders to visit prisoners, talk to them, listen to them and pray for them.

He was also accompanied by the senior UMSC management officials who included the Secretary General Hon. Ramadhan Mugalu, the PRO Haji Nsereko Mutumba and the Secretary for Social Services Mr. Muhammad Ali Aluma.