By Namugerwa Martha

MTN Uganda has just announced that it is going to revise its mobile money charges starting from 15th June 2017.
Through its message to its customers MTN said that the sending and withdrawing of mobile money fees will be revised.

“Please be advised that from 15th June 2017, MTN Mobile Money sending and withdrawal fees will be revised,” MTN said.

Revised tariffs on MTN Uganda’s website states that sending between shs 250,001 to 500,000 to MTN registered users will be increased by shs 200 from shs 1400 to 1600 and withdrawing the same amount from an agent will also be increased by shs 1225 from shs 5775.


The statement also reveals that sending between shs 60,001-125,000 to MTN users will cost Shs1, 600 up from the Shs1, 400 while withdrawing the same amount will remain unchanged at Shs1, 925.


withdrawing between 125,001 to 250,000 from an agent will remain unchanged at Shs3, 575 whereas sending will increase to Shs1, 600, up from Shs1, 400.while sending between Shs500, 001 to Shs1, 000, 000 has been reduced to Shs2, 000, up from Shs2, 200, withdrawal charges have been increased to Shs12, 500, up from Shs10, 450.


However, sending between Shs1, 000,001 to Shs2, 000,000 to MTN registered user has been reduced to Shs2, 000, down from Shs2, 200, while withdrawing the same from an agent has remained unchanged at Shs19, 800.


Additionally, sending between Shs2, 000,001 to Shs4, 000,000 has been reduced to Shs2, 000, up from Shs2, 200 while withdrawing the same has remained unchanged at Shs35, 200.