By our reporter

In May this year, MPs passed the controversial taxes on mobile money transaction and social media (OTT) amid strong opposition from the general public.

The law which swung into action on 1 July, imposed a mandatory Shs200 daily levy for social media users and a 0.5 tax o mobile money transactions.

However, it looks like the ‘tormentor’ is also becoming the tormented after the same MPs who passed the law crying out for help over the OTT tax.

During the Thursday plenary sitting, Obongi County Member of Parliament Hassan Kaps Fungaroo rose on a matter of National Importance to address what he said was a growing challenge of cybercrime.

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The MP said his computer was hacked into and he feels threatened because he is not sure which information the hackers were able to access. In his communication, he sparked controversy when he suggested that their tools of communication (iPADs) are not helping them because the Over the Top Tax (OTT) was not paid for.