By Najibu Mulema

Drake Lubega, a renowned city businessman was summoned by the parliamentary committee on Natural resources over issues of sand mining in  Lwera.

The committee members wanted Lubega to present the license which gives him authority to mine sand in Lwera  unfortunately he failed to show his license, putting the whole blame on the National Environmental Management Authority which had no stand about his issue. He alleges that NEMA is the one which  permited him to carryout the activity.

Last year in October, the head of NEMA,Tom Okurut wrote a letter stopping Lubega from extracting sand from Lwera but Lubega told the committee that he has never received the letter.

He further told the MPs that his license for carrying our fish farming in Lwera is still valid until 2018.

However, the committee members appeared not contented, insisting that Lubega also extract sand illegally which accusation he refuted.

Lubega asked the committee to give him some time so that he can sort himself out, check for the license which he can present before the committee to rectify his issues.

“For us what we want is truth so that we can help the public, if someone extracts sand we want also his or her son to also gain in future,” said one of the committee members.