By Watchdog reporter

Former Presidential Assistant in charge of Research Morrison Rwakakamba has revealed that Members of Parliament who are busy pushing for the lifting of age limit, have an escape sanctuary in case things turn out not as anticipated.

Rwakakamba said these MPs have already bought houses in Nairobi and South Africa preparing for their escape from Uganda which they are trying to destabilize.

He thus urged all Ugandans to resort to their last option of mobilizing courage and work peacefully in their own space individually and collectively in order to defend the constitution.

“You have heard of people buying flats/houses in Nairobi and South Africa? And those buying are likely those MPs and other fellows pushing for lifting age limit etc. They already have an escape sanctuary. Do You? Your last resort is to mobilise courage and work peacefully in your own space individually and collectively to defend the constitution,” he said.

Rwakakamba recently resigned willingly from state house and after his resignation, his salary was deposited on his account and he wrote to the state house comptroller asking her to remove that salary reminding them that he had resigned.