By Watchdog reporter

On Friday midnight Telecom service providers switched off all unregistered and unverified SIM cards as ordered by Uganda Communications Commission (UCC).

Many of us thought it was only the poor Ugandans who were prone to this kind of suffering but it was not the case.

We have learnt that even our Members of Parliament fell victim was of the serious deadline action after all their SIM cards in their ipads were disconnected by UCC.

The disconnection issue was raised by Rubaga North MP Moses Kasibante who revealed that the fixed SIM cards in the ipads were as well switched off.

Kasibante said MPs were never given information regarding their individual numbers and what they all know is that Airtel is the service provider.

“Apparently MPs were never provided with the information regarding their individual numbers. What is only known is that Airtel is the service provider,”

“As it is now, parliamentarians cease to receive any kind of correspondence and cannot access any documents on the parliamentary communication network,”

I think now we know why MPs had passed a motion to extend the SIM cards switch off deadline for a full year.