By Watchdog reporter

Patrick Kamara hosted two legislators on opposing side of the current issues in Parliament on his On the Spot show.
Kira municipality MP who is also the opposition chief whip says Kampala central MP Mohammed Nsereko’s words are insensitive with the plight of majority Ugandans.
Ssemujju accuses Nsereko of fueling bad publicity against the House with his reckless statements about privileges of legislators such as vehicles when the rest of Ugandans were wallowing in poverty.

Nsereko however says Ssemujju Nganda was a populist and dishonest about what he says and does.
As chief whip, Nsereko says, Ssemujju picked sh6 million per month for only vehicles he keeps as MP and chief whip. He said the Kira MP has two vehicles maintained by the tax payers and has not come out before to renounce any privileges.

Nsereko said Ssemujju was posturing by saying he would table a motion on Wednesday to turn the vehicle privilege into a loan scheme, well knowing it would be defeated at the floor of Parliament.
On his part, Ssemujju accused Nsereko of being arrogant and working towards demonizing the parliament. He said Nsereko’s bragging about his privileged background was not necessary since the people he represents were living hand to mouth.
The Thursday talkshow on NTV was indeed hot, with flares rising high for moderator Kamara to control.
The debate represents the varying opinions on what is going on in the 10th Parliament.
Voters are accusing parliament of being greedy that in the past three months, they’ve almost produced no fruit.