By Najibu Mulema

Members of the parliamentary committee on national economy have grilled the ministry of works and transport officials over construction of roads with a short life span. Members led by William Nzoghu, MP Busongora North, says the government spends over shs3.2 trillion annually on the ministry of Works but the outcome is still below expectations.

He said It’s regrettable that many roads constructed in 1960s and 70s still exist yet these new ones are in a poor state. State minister for works, Aggrey Bagiire defended the ministry that the life span of the road is largely dependant on the volume of traffic but not entirely the quality.

However, Nzoghu said, “In 1960s and 70s there were roads which were constructed and their lifespan was actually reasonably good, like Kabale- Kasese, that road was constructed a long time ago so how can the minister deceive us right now when we are in 2016 that there are no justifications for roads that can last longer.”