By Watchdog reporter

Members of Parliament have called out social activist’s name Frank Gashumba as the man behind the destruction of the image of Parliament.

On Monday morning, Busujju MP David Kalwanga Lukyamuzi, told Mengo owned television, BBS, that Gashumba was responsible for destroying the image of Parliament.
Lukyamuzi who called in Zuukuka show hosted by Maurice Mukiibi said there’s an ongoing campaign to tarnish parliament’s image, a move that was shaking the foundation for democracy in Uganda.
He said Gashumba was fanning hate against Parliament and warned him that there would be repercussion.

Lukyamuzi was later joined by Kato Lubwama, the underfire Lubaga South MP, who has vowed to teach Gashumba a lesson in the coming days.
“I have nothing to lose,” Kato told friends at Bulange Mengo on Monday morning. “I will teach Gashumba a lesson.”

Lubwama is one of the MPs facing public wrath over statements he has made supporting MPs’ extravagant privileges.