By Najibu Mulema

Parliamentary committee on gender and send social development has re-ignited debate on the need for a minimum wage for both private and government workers.

Committee chairperson also woman MP for Nakasongola district, Margret Komuhangi said that any workers continue to be exploited with others earning as low as shs 2000 as daily income.

She says the salary disparity ranging between shs75,000 is very unfair especially to casual workers.

“If casual labourers work for six months, your supposed to graduate them because they may have acquired some skills, your supposed to graduate them slowly to permanent jobs,” said Komuhangi.

She further said that if a people  has been doing hard work as casual labourers they can move to inspection and the employee has to pay them the same salary throughout the six years.

Uganda last set a minimum wage of sh6, 000 per month in 1984, which has remained in force to this day.

The Minimum Wage Advisory Council in 1995 recommended a sh75, 000 minimum monthly wage for unskilled workers, which has never been implemented.
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