By Watchdog reporter

Outspoken opposition legislator cum Nakaseke South Member of Parliament Paul Semakula Luttamaguzi has vowed to beat up senior presidential Advisor on Media Issues Joseph Tamale Mirundi for insulting the king of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi, Prime minister Charles Peter Mayiga and other kingdom officials.

Appearing on BBS TV’s morning show known as Zuukuka, Luttamaguzi said that people being led by Mirundi- whom he referred to as a ‘drunkard’ have made it a daily habit to abuse the Kabaka and his people.

He revealed that last Monday, he (Luttamaguzi) invaded one of the media houses with the main aim of beating up the ‘drunkard’ Mirundi for abusing the kabaka but he was stopped by a senior official at the station who told him to calm down.

He warned all the people praising Mirundi to be careful because he is doing more harm than good to the Buganda kingdom.

Luttamaguzi further downplayed media houses and Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) for not regulating Mirundi’s choice of words while on air.

We are tired of this drunkard fellow who keeps on insulting our Kabaka and his officials and I promise am going to teach him a lesson , if I find him I will beat him up,” fumed Luttamaguzi.

“I hear he also authors books abusing the Kabaka but I don’t think a drunkard has the capability to write sensible books,”he added.