By Najibu Mulema

The wife to Latif Ssebagala the Kawempe North Member of Parliament has challenged anyone to comeup with evidence that former FDC presidential candidate was invited presidential inaugural ceremony in Ghana.

Mariam Ssebagala who currently works at the State house has put up a reward of $ 1000 for anyone who can provide her with proof that Besigye was invited to the inauguration of President Elect of Ghana, Akufo Addo.

” My FDC friends I have $1000 to give out to anybody who can prove to me that Dr Besigye was invited to the  inauguration of the President  Elect of  Ghana Oba being on the invitation list as a former presidential accandidate.  It’s a shame to have would be leaders and can even lie such no sense and some media houses were quick to put it as a news item uganda zabu,” Mariam noted.