By Moses Kizito Buule
Mukono South member of parliament Johnson Senyonga Muyanja has advised parents to participate in physical exercises, in addition to encouraging their children to do so as a life skill.
The MP who was last week officiating at the sports day competitions for St. John’s Educational Centre Namuyenje in Nakisunga sub-county, hailed President Yoweri Museveni who recently flagged off physical exercises for all Ugandans.
He said that learners spend a lot of time sitting at their desks during classes, and that availing them time to exercise their bodies is very healthy, and a means of keeping their brains awake.
“Today we have a problem of obesity and vulnerability to diseases among our children and this is partly associated to improper diets and lack of physical exercises”, he noted.
He added that sports add to children’s performance in classes, and that it is the reason why the Ministry of Education makes sports a mandatory subject.

Senyonga poses with school parents who participated in the running race at the school’s inter-colour competitions on Friday.

In various interviews, parents appealed to government to waive taxation on mobile money transactions, reasoning that it has turned into the most convenient means of transmitting school dues especially for long distances.
Besides being a double tax already paid by the dealer they argued, the tax inconveniences them a lot as they always usually manage to raise the exact amount needed by the school with no surcharges in the name of this tax.
They thanked the president for directing refund of the 1 percent already levied on mobile money users, adding however that even the 0.5% is an extra burden and should likewise be scraped.