By Watchdog reporter

NRM rebel MPs opposed to the contentious age limit bill have earlier today been kicked out of the party ongoing caucus at parliament.

After being kicked out, rebel MPs including Theodore Sekikuubo, Muhammad Nsereko, Barnabas Tinkansimire, Wilfred Niwagaba among others cursed President Yoweri Museveni and their fellow NRM MPs for their obnoxious act.

While addressing journalists outside parliament, Sekikuubo said they have known Museveni to be tolerant but now what he is doing with legislators siding with him is treacherous to the party and nation thus citing that the president is bewitched and the people surrounding him are misadvising him.

“We want to declare two things; President Museveni is bewitched and people around him are misadvising him,” he said.

He narrated that as the caucus was beginning, the party chief whip, Ruth Nankabirwa expressed dismay to the president about the rebel MPs, and she then proceeded to read names of those she insisted should be kicked out of the caucus.

“Nankabirwa read out our names saying that they don’t feel comfortable sitting with us because we shall reveal their secrets. Since when has Cabinet run away from the duty of this Age Limit matter and leave it for a back bencher Magyezi,” Sekikuubo said.

“We have been summarily been dismissed from NRM. They started with national Constitution and they are now on party Constitution,” he added.