By our reporter

Of late, there has been a wide spread reports that EALA MP Denis Mukasa Mbidde and Kabarole Women MP Sylvia Rwabwogo are an item and that the ‘couple’ recently held a secret marriage ceremony.

It was reported that Mr Mbidde is the reason $2-year-old single legislator Sylvia sent a one Brian Isiko, a secret admirer to prison since she wanted to prove to him (Mbidde) that she wasn’t interested in Isiko. However, speaking to Watchdog Uganda, the EALA MP denied having anything to do with Ms Rwabwogo who he describes as a “fellow legislator” for Uganda.

“Rwabwogo and I are neither married nor lovers. We are known to each other as legislators for Uganda, that’s all,” said Mbidde, adding that reports he visited the lady’s home was fat “lie”.

Rwabogo recently made news when she reported a 25 year old admirer to police and consequently sentenced to serve a jail term, for stalking the Kabarole legislator. Mbidde’s name was however dropped as the suitor Ms Rwabogo has been waiting for for four decades.

Mbidde denying having a relationship with MP Rwabogo leaves us waiting for what becomes of the Kabarole legislator’s love chase.