By Watchdog reporter

Igara West Member of Parliament Raphael Magezi who tabled the controversial age limit bill has revealed that he is going to consult people in his constituency and if they strongly oppose the bill, he will drop it.

While appearing at NTV on Wednesday morning, Magezi said every member of Parliament will be allowed to seek views from their people about the Age Limit Bill so he will use that chance to find out whether his people are in support of the bill or not.

If he finds out that people in Igara West overwhelmingly don’t support the amendment of article 102b of the constitution he will instantly drop the bill.

“If I go to my people and they overwhelmingly don’t support it, I will drop it,” revealed Magezi.

On Tuesday, Magezi’s Constitution Amendment Bill 2017 (No.2) was read for the first time on the floor of parliament.

After reading, the speaker Rebecca Kadaga referred the billd to the committee on Legal and Parliamentary Affairs.

She said people must be involved in the process of the amendment.

Last week, Magezi tabled his motion seeking leave of Parliament to draft a constitutional amendment bill that seeks to remove the 75-year presidential candidate age limit from the Constitution.He tabled the motion in absence of most opposition MPs who left the house in protest, following Speaker Rebecca Kadaga suspending 25 MPs over misconduct.

After suspension of their colleagues, all MPs on the opposition side decided to storm out of parliament in protest.

Magezi was granted 45 days to prepare the bill but it only took him less than a week to draft the bill.