By Watchdog reporter

Kampala Central Member of Parliament Muhammad Nsereko has said President Yoweri Museveni should be introducing bill for his retirement package instead of amending article 102b of the constitution which aims at scrapping off the age limit enabling him to rule beyond 75 years of age.

On Tuesday 245 NRM MPs passed a motion to table a private member bill to the floor of parliament to remove the age limit.

However, Nsereko and other anti age limit removal MPs while addressing press on Wednesday morning vowed to bar plans by the age limit removal champions from tabling the bill citing that they will grab and tear it.

“There’s no way this age limit bill will come to the floor of Parliament, we will grab and tear it. We shall disrupt Parliament. Those that are mooting for age limit bill don’t wish you (Museveni) well. How will you tell your children to stand for the truth? What you (Museveni) should be doing is introducing a bill for your retirement package,”revealed Nsereko.

The legislator further condemned people who voted for the MPs who want to abolish the age limit thus urging them to call these MPs in question and warn them about the move.

“My first blame goes to the people who voted for these MPs who want to abolish the age limit. Everyone of you call their Members of Parliament and ask them ‘who sent you to do this?’ With due respect, our colleagues who agreed to remove age limit have opened a can of worms,” he stated.