By Najibu Mulema

Yesterday there was mass exposure of unjust  by the state when Rwenzururu King Charles Wesley Mumbere was granted bail by Jinja High Court judge, Eva Luswata but all the sudden, he was re-arrested by police and whisked away to Nalufenya prison in Jinja.

After the incident, Kampala MP, Muhammad Nsereko,a lawyer by profession came out to downplay the uncalled for  action of government against Mumbere.

According to Nsereko,the King’s re-arrest is a gross abuse of the rule of law and unacceptable in this country citing that even suspects have rights under the law.

The legislator said Mumbete must be granted all his rights as a suspect and as Parliament they have to continue to demand for accountability as long as Mumbere’s case is concerned.

He urged politicians not to remain silent on this issue, encouraging them to boldly come out to protest as they did to Deputy Chief Justice, Steven Kavuma’s ‘stupid court order’ which was barring them from probing into the scandalous shs 6 billion presidential handshake.

Concerning Mumbere’s arrest,the police mouthpiece, Andrew Felix Kaweesi said the king was re- arrested because of other accusations of murder and treason adding that he will be arraigned in court next week.

Mumbere was arrested last year in November, following the Kasese clashes where  joint security operatives raided the Rwenzururu kingdom palace which left more than 100 people dead.

Mumbere was arrested along with 152 royalists and they are being charged with 41 counts which include aggravated robbery ,murder, treason among others.

Full Statement from Nsereko;

Dear comrades,

This country must be governed following the law.

Just yesterday the courts of law granted bail to Wesley Mumbere, omusinga wa Rwenzururu.

We all watched as he was released and then later re-arrested.

This is gross abuse of the rule of law and unacceptable in this country. Even suspects have rights under the law.

I saw how crestfallen his brother hon Kibazanga looked as he helplessly saw all his efforts to reconciliation being undermined.

What does this imply to institutional building in this country?
Why humiliate a people’s leader to this extent?
Why annihilate his subjects?
Who benefits from this gross abuse of human rights?

The other time it was the “stupid court order,” the whole country made noise and now the arbitrary arrests and politicians must not remain silent on this.

Mumbere must be granted all his rights as a suspect and as parliament we have to continue to demand this accountability.

If it can be done on such a person then what of the ordinary people?
Many people are languishing in prison with no formal charges brought against them and endless invastigations.
Errors in judgement based on false information have led to raiding of mosques and arrests of innocent people in recently, attracting apologies from the IGP to the muslim community.

#Respect the rule of law, free mumbere