By Watchdog reporter

Kampala Central MP Muhammad Nsereko has distanced himself from beating up a journalist at court yesterday.

New Vision group journalist Farooq Kasule was beaten yesterday at court by MP Kato Lubwama’s hooligans.

The journalist was beaten by Lubwama’s supporter for asking their MP what they called “stupid” questions.

Nsereko who was in the vicinity came to the journalist’s aide, but, was photographed helping Kasule up.

Then, word went round that Nsereko has beaten up a journalist.

The Kampala Central MP however says people circulating the story were his enemies. Nsereko who recently is very close to Kato Lubwama, was in court to show solidarity to his friend who is fighting for his political life over his qualifications.

Below is Nsereko’s explanation:

Dear comrades,

I know that those that the haters are not at sleep yet as they will concort anything to further their selfish desires.

Yesterday at court I helped carry up a young journalist who was involved in a scuffle with one gentleman at the courtroom.

Clearly behind me was a police officer and other people who immediately arrested the culprit.

The video footage of NTV clearly shows the other man beat up the young man and me helping carry the journalist to his feet.

If I had not helped or told off the angry people to stop attacking the man, the blame would be why I did not help. When I helped then the haters twist the whole matter to mean I beat.

I know these haters are not ashamed of telling lies but the Truth always stands. Fortunately from those who rush to comment you get to know silent haters.

However I stand to condemn all acts of violence including assault on journalists and the beauty is that even the gentleman attacked admitted in the video footage that I actually did not beat him.

The video footage proof both on cctv cameras and NTV is clear that I did not beat up the young man.

Sorry to the haters, you can dream of some other moment. Clear the picture shows me helping carry up the young man.