By our reporter

Budadiri West Member of Parliament Mandala Mafabi is likely to fall into hot soup after being accused of impregnating married women.

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) is being accused by one of the top female honchos in the opposition party.

The shocking revelation was unmasked by renowned political commentator and former intelligence operative Charles Rwomushana.

Through his Facebook wall, Rwomushana posted leaked WhatsApp chats between Nandala and his nemesis whereby the Secretary General was accused of impregnating a one Femia who lives in Sironko but he denied responsibility.

Nandala was further accused of impregnating men’s wives to Tue extend of owning kids in other people’s marital homes.

In his defence, Nandala said,” At least women are the ones I impregnated not men or goats Every one will be happy to hear am fertile and am sure those women who left their husbands for me saw am good at doing them,”

The legislator went ahead to allege that the person accusing him is jealous because he never loved her.

“Is Femiar a child and since I have denied then look after her. So far women are not your kids and you just jealous that I never loved you. I can’t go with a criminal and school dropout,” Nandala exclaimed.