By our reporter
Member of parliament Nathan Nandala Mafabi has mounted pressure on banks to desist from firing staff that leaked Bank of Uganda’s boss Justine Bagyenda.

Mafabi says it’s against the whistleblowers laws of the country for banks to fire a concerned person with suspicious wealth such as Bagyenda’s.

Mr Mafabi, a former parliamentary accounts committee says Ms Bagyenda should instead be investigated and explain the source of all her wealth.

He called upon banks not to bow to Bagyenda’s pressure to fire their staff.

Since Bagyenda’s Billions of shillings accounts became public, banks went into panic, apologizing to their boss, especially after Bagyenda refused to leave her position as director of supervision in BoU.

Diamond Trust Bank (DTB) and Barclays have issues public apologies and have since sent home people associated with accessing Bagyenda’s accounts.

Whistleblowers in Uganda should by law be protected in order to give them confidence to report corruption tendencies.