By our reporter

When on Monday night police chief Okoth Ochola assured the public that they have leads in regard to the assassination of Arua MP Ibrahim Abiriga, no one foretold the next day files would be opened against social media users and bloggers.

One of the four people also lined for questioning in the murder of Abiriga is Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament Betty Nambooze who allegedly cautioned Abiriga about his security during the constitutional amendment season. However Nambooze’s caution was aired for the public on television, after she jokingly attempted to remove the yellow cap off Abiriga’s head while he was speaking to the press.

Police opened up the investigation against the legislator basing on a video and Facebook posts in which she explains how easy it was to attack Abiriga even with his bodyguards all around him.

Meanwhile three other people who include blogger Peng Peng, Nasser Mugerwa and Jane Kuli have also been put under investigation over the same murder case.

In the video, Peng Peng who is based in Stockholm alleged that Abiriga was killed by government because he was a key witness in the murder of former police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi last year.

Police are also looking into a separate post published by a Facebook account named “Jane Kuli” days prior. The post whose screenshot widely circulated over the last few days reads: “Abiriga will die in the first week of June”.

On the other hand, Nasser Mugerwa, based in United States, sent out an audio recording thanking Abiriga’s assassins for the job well done.

Mugerwa detailed how they used crime preventers that have been trained by the government to kill Abiriga and that many other supporters of the Ruling party National Resistance Movement (NRM) who backed the Age Limit amendment Bill were on the waiting list.

Whereas the police can make its inquires broad, the public has reacted negatively to the move, saying, they are targeting wrong people.