1. Would you love to be driven by a drunkard in a Taxi?
2. Would you love your child to be in class with a drunk teacher early in the morning?
3. Would you love to go to a clinic at midday and find the musawo who is going to operate on you sipping Waragi?
4. Would you take your child to a school where waragi is sold at the school canteen to everybody including pupils?
5. Would you love to see your wife returning home at 3.00am drunk, unable to walk, in the hands of helpers?
6. Would you be happy sitting in a bar with a soldier carrying a loaded gun drinking waragi?
7. Would you love to be rode around Kampala by a bodaboda man sipping Waragi?
8. Would you want your child below the age of 18 years drinking alcohol?
9. Wouldn’t you want your relative who has become an alcohol addict to be treated out of this situation or you will prefer that he permanently become a public reject?
10. Would you vote for an alcohol addict to be your leader?