By Watchdog reporter

Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze has called on fellow legislators to restrain themselves from intimidating the media. However, she also asked the press to be more responsible.
Nambooze, a former journalist before she joined parliament, defended parliament as an institution saying activists criticizing the Assembly should target legislators not the institution.
Nambooze told Watchdog that parliament is at the heart of democracy that it cannot be sacrificed at the altar of individual or group conflicts.

She posted on her Facebook page expressing concern that the demand for accountability from Parliament has been hijacked by the enemy forces using MPs and journalists.
“The debate now is marred by dishonesty….I still insist that; we MPs must trim ourselves in all areas including numbers and privileges,” said Nambooze.
“We have no excuse whatsoever, the media should be free from any intimidation but it should also be more objective and the activists should target MPs and not the institution of Parliament.”