By Najib Mulema

Mukono Municipality MP has vowed to wipe out youth unemployment from Mukono and Seeta towns by using opportunities on the internet.

Through e-markets, Nambooze organised a workshop on Friday at Colline Hotel Mukono, where she told the youth that its high time they regarded employment in physical offices, shops or markets a thing of the past.
Nambooze said she has laid out e-marketing strategies which shall see over 10,000 youths start employing themselves easily.

The MP advised the youth to embrace the use of internet for a better cause instead of using social media to insult each.

It during this seminar, that the she unveiled Mukono E-city plans where efforts to network the people of the municipality virtually are underway.

The legislator is starting with rolling out a website and mobile app which shall enable several Mukono residents to easily market and sell their commodities and services using their mobile phones.

“I know unemployment is rampant nowadays but i don’t want you to sit back doing nothing, we are to introduce a Mukono E-city, a where we shall enable our people to buy and sell their goods or services free of charge, ” she said.

She added, “I know most people dream big, but we should first start with the small things and then we have to achieve big. If you’re vending tomatoes, riding a boda boda, you can get your customers through marketing yourself on internet, ”

Mike Ssegawa, managing partner of ‘Go Digital Uganda’ and publisher of online website ‘Watchdog Uganda’, the guest facilitator unleashed the different affordable jobs which the youths can start for themselves and market them through e-marketing.

Mike Ssegawa, Managing Partner Go Digital Uganda

Ssegawa further pinpointed the advantages of e-marketing thus advising the youth to embrace the new marketing technology since it is cheap and convenient to use.

On the other hand, Jeff Kisawuzi, the Democratic Party Youth Chairman applauded Nambooze and Ssegawa for standing with the youth in this great milestone adding that he is optimistic that in the near future most youths in Mukono will be self employed if e-marketing is put into action.