By Watchdog reporter

Mukono legislator Betty Nambooze has mourned a youthful local politician who died under suspicious circumstances.
The death of Ndagire Regina, a councillor at Mukono Central Division, shocked Mukono town throughout the weekend. She was laid to rest in Naggalama on Sunday.
The late’s body was discovered three days later in her house. Many voices believe she was murdered for her political work of unearthing corruption at Mukono Central Division where she represented Ngandu Ward.

Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze who was a mentor for the first time councillor mourned Ndagire thus:

“I have lost a great fighter, we buried her today (Sunday) in Naggalama. Her body was discovered in her house where after she had gone missing for several days. It is amazing though how a young woman could accomplish so much in the very short time that marked her life. Having been elected councilor at her her first attempt, she went on serve quite impressively leaving an enviable record that saw her unearth rot that has eluded the eye of council in the last terms.

“In her very last days, she turned up flawless reports with a high sense of urgency like she was indeed set to pack her bags. Her investigation had so far revealed a loss of close to (sh)1 billion in undeclared revenue by Mukono Central Division much to the chagrin of those defrauding the Division. However, it’s still quite disturbing that her death has not been resolved. Despite having died mysteriously, police has taken a passive stance even when all clues would render the matter to be treated as a murder.

“The Resident District Commissioner has gone to great lengths to try and portray the death as having been caused by an electric shock much to public suspicion since the postmortem report clearly indicates that the cause of death is not yet established pending a toxicological analysis. However, preliminary reports confirm a fractured arm.

“This drama has been heightened by attempts at using cash to silence her family. Throughout the day, people tried to bribe the father of the late with a few million shillings so that the Democratic Party would be excluded from the funeral proceedings. He turned them down squarely telling them he knew the entitlements of her daughter from Council as a councillor. He stood his ground and on failing in this, police deployed heavily at the burial with the RDC giving instructions which fortunately were disregarded by both family and the mourners.

“We just lost our gun and it is our prayer that her death is resolved and that her pursuit of good governance is carried on. Ndagire Regina, you will not die in vain. We have all the evidence that you fell victim because your murderers failed to reach me who was their primary target. REST IN PEACE MY FIGHTER.”